5 Ways for Green Hands to Earn Dollars Online

  As a saying goes, “if you are good at something, never do it for free”
  The best way to make money is to sell your skills.So, if you are good at something, be it craft works,singing,painting,writing etc, you can sell it at Fiverr – While,if you are a green hand as me, those are some suitable ways for you to earn some decent income.

  1.Flip domain names
   Domain names are valuable internet real estate and some people actually make a nice living off of buying and selling them. One strategy is to use Google Adwords to find keywords that are trending and use that information to buy domain names that you think may soon be in demand. However, since short, snappy, or straightforward domain names have already been mostly snatched up, you can also get lucky buying domain names that are random acronyms, as you never know when a person or company with those exact initials will decide to set up a website. (, for example, sold for over $200,000 when Contract Pharmaceutical Corporation decided to go online.[1] Not bad for three letters.) For more advice, read How to Buy a Cheap Domain Name.

  2.Write for other blogs
  write from your heart and with more research on the core topic (experience will earn you more per article!). Start a blog (it may be WordPress/blogger (free)) and focus on a single niche (bunch of topics related to same subject). Write those articles, which are never published anywhere! (imp) > Apply for Google Adsense after you start to get daily 1k visits/day or it is better to apply after 5-6 months.

  3.Dish out answers
  Join some forums and Q&A websites and increase knowledge – There are some Q&A sites like QStacks Q&A, where you can earn some decent income for posting quality answers along with increasing the writing skills.

  4.Affiliate Marketing
  Affiliate Marketing is a method you can use if you already have a high ranking website or if you have a budget in which you can spend on advertising.
   As an affiliate you don’t have to create a product or provide any support to customers because you sell another company’s products. Once you make a sale your job is done!Affiliate programs require and upfront time investment to build traffic to your website, or whatever you use to sell the product. However once the resource is established it can become a largely passive income generator.
  In a word, affiliate marketing is good if you can make it into passive income. start in once and watch it grow.Just stick to your business, provide the value and you will make money online.

  5.What’s more, if you have some expertise in a particular area, you could write eBooks and sell them online. .